Jacob Scott

Jacob Scott was born in 1994 in Colorado Springs, CO.  In 2017, he received his Bachelors in Visual arts at the University of Colorado.  Scott has been included in “Ways of Seeing” at the Gallery of Contemporary Art, Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Upcoming shows include “Sex-Ed” at The Heller Center for Arts and Humanities, Colorado Springs, CO.  Scott currently lives and works in Colorado Springs, CO.  

Scott's artwork is one of intimacy and artifice, drawing on his life events, mythology, and sexual culture as inspirations for works ranging from painting, drawing, to needlework and sculpture.  These works capture the violent nature of sex, depicting the danger when intimacy is replaced with domination and desire.  The influences of sexual culture are revealed through the portrayal of a dysmorphic sexual landscape where sex is understood as commodity rather than connection.  These works place men as the dual source and object of desire, depicting the sexual forces and influences of culture from a homsexual viewpoint.